Hello world!

This is a devlog for our game Tails

It’s a local couch multiplayer game where you use your phone instead of a regular game controller. Each player controls a snake and tries to survive the longest.

This is heavily inspired by the classic game Achtung die Kurve. We were also inspired by the Jackbox games, which connect a phone to a game played on a bigger screen. This way you can in theory be an unlimited amount of players playing together in the same room.

We are using WebRTC to establish a peer-to-peer connection between the browser in your phone and the browser running the actual game. We did some initial testing and figured out that using this technology there was practically no input lag when controlling your snake. The rendering is done in the browser with Pixi.js, which is a wrapper library around WebGL.

This devlog will contain game updates but also technical things that we’ve learned along the way. Questions and feedback is always welcome :)

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