A superior way to play the classic multiplayer game Achtung, die Kurve! Local couch multiplayer for 2-10 players where you use your phone to control the game.

How to play

1. Fetch a friend or nine and grab your phones

2. Scan the QR code above (or go to https://tailsgame.com/ and enter the code) to join

3. Maximize the screen above for a better experience

4. Outmaneuver your enemies friends to become the champion!

Power ups


Go through snakes


Speed boost


Make other players bigger


Instantly jump to another place

Known issues

  • Cannot connect to the game when running the controller on iPhone 8
  • Cannot run the game on older browsers

Looking for feedback! 

Please leave a comment or send an email to contact@rymdkraftverk.com with your feedback/thoughts on the game. It is not currently in active development, but maybe that can change, who knows :) 

Development log

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